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Canada’s Peter Pig’s Money Counter

NEW Canada’s Peter Pig’s Money Counter
Learning about money is fun with Peter Pig. Kids can practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning fun facts about Canadian currency with this interactive educational game.
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Plan Prom Costs
Use the free Plan'it Prom app to learn cost-saving tips, track spending, and share photos.
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Help promote financial literacy with our free educational and consumer resources.
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Marvel Comics Teach Kids Money Skills
Visa and Marvel teamed up to create engaging, fun comics that teach children important financial skills.
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Financial Soccer
The new 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game is here. Is your financial knowledge ready for a workout?
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Peter Pig's Money Counter

Practical Money Skills is a free financial literacy program to help Canadians understand the fundamentals of money management. Created by Visa, the program offers money management resources including calculators, games, and lesson plans tailored for use by Canadian families and educators.


  • Financial Literacy Summit Visa Co-hosts 2017 Financial Literacy Summit with Chicago Fed
    Visa and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago celebrated their 11-year partnership co-hosting the Financial Literacy Summit on April 12. The 2017 program focused on bridging gaps and overcoming barriers to universal financial education.
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  • Peter Pigs Money Counter Grade 12 Essay Contest Winner Laura C. Blachier: The Skin Issue
    Credit Education Week Canada (CEWC) is an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, raising awareness surrounding financial literacy and the importance of proper credit education. Practical Money Skills sponsored CEWC and presented an award to a grade 12 essay contest winner who answered the question "What was the dumbest thing you ever did with your money." We're proud to announce Laura C. Blachier as our student winner. Check out her essay
  • Peter Pigs Money Counter Visa Helps Kids Learn Practical Money Skills With New Currency Identifier App
    In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, Visa launched Peter Pig’s Money Counter, an innovative and engaging app designed to teach kids fundamental concepts of money by learning to identify and count coins. The app, designed for kids age 5-8, offers players counting and sorting challenges and facts about Canadian currency. Read more
  • Visa and Marvel Release New Comic Teaching Kids About Money Visa Canada's Marvel Comic Book Launch
    Toronto Raptor DeMarre Carroll joined Visa Canada and the Toronto Public Library for the Canadian launch of Visa's new financial literacy comic book, Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket's Powerful Plan. Watch the video and view highlights from the launch event. Read more
  • Visa and Marvel Release New Comic Teaching Kids About Money Visa and Marvel Release New Comic Teaching Kids About Money
    Visa and Marvel announced the release of an exciting new educational comic book, which teaches students about personal finance. The comic, Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket's Powerful Plan combines Marvel's iconic superheroes with Visa's financial literacy expertise to introduce readers to fundamental money management concepts. Read more


Heading to University Lessons Vacation

Heading to University
A college or university education is the ticket to success in Canada. But it's an expensive ticket, and the cost rises every year. Read more

Lesson Plans for Teachers
Teach students to make smart financial choices with Choices & Decisions: Taking charge of your financial life™. Read on

Saving for Travel
Planning your summer vacation? Discover different ways to save money so you can afford to take your dream vacation. Read on

Practical Money Matters

Jason Alderman's Practical Money Matters
Planning That Affordable Holiday Trip
Planning That Affordable Holiday Trip

Are you an advance planner or an improviser? Holiday travel bargains can be found months in advance and sometimes at the last minute. Read more

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